Get Involved

Parent involvement and volunteering at the Center is encouraged. We request that families with children attending CELC volunteer 1 - 4 hours a month. We track volunteer hours as helpful information for ourselves, and our funding agencies. Please arrange these times with the Directors.

There are many ways you can volunteer:

• Help with snack time                    • Supervise children while teachers prepare lunch/next activity

• Clean classrooms/grounds            • Help with special projects

• Help with small repairs                 • Serve on the Board of Directors (see below for more info)

• Help chaperone field trips             • Shop for the Center/Run errands in town

Please talk to the Directors about volunteer opportunities. We love our partnership with you, our parents, and hope you will enjoy this opportunity to spend time with our precious children, and support The Creede Early Learning Center. Thank you in advance!


Visitors are anyone not directly associated with Creede Early Learning Center. Visitors must sign in on the visitor sign-in sheet located by the front door. Anyone not known to the staff of the Center will be asked to show proper identification and reason for the visit.


We believe in partnerships between the community and the center. We welcome volunteers of all ages who would like to share their time and talent with the children we love. Volunteers must also sign in at the front door. The Directors of the Center approve all volunteers. Helpers allow children to get more individual attention.

Joining our Board of Directors

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our Board! Our Board of Directors fills vacancies as needed with devoted individuals with a stake in the future of the county.

Board members are encouraged to donate at least $5 per year and make a good faith effort to attend every board meeting possible. Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, 5:30 pm, at the Center or the Old Gym. Meetings times average two hours. CELC board members support the Center in its special activities and fundraisers as needed, as well as take on committee involvement as they feel qualified and called.

Currently our board is comprised of very motivated and committed individuals who have witnessed the Centers progress from closed to near capacity in four short years. This is largely due to outstandingly dedicated staff and actively involved board members communicating courageously and openly with each other. Mineral County’s recent increase in families with young children has fueled this boom and is presenting us with new and exciting challenges and possibilities.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact a current board member. The Board will need to approve your nomination and will extend an invite to our next board meeting. Sitting in on a meeting would allow you to get an idea of who we are, how we work, and what we do. Then, if you accept the nomination, the board would then move forward with a membership vote.