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Creede Early Learning Center
PO Box 191
Creede, CO 81130


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Beverlee Keilman - Executive Director
Erin Tiley - Teacher of PreK Program
Kaitlyn Birdsey - PreK Teacher Aide
Jamey Morris - Toddler Teacher
Tatum - Toddler Teacher Aide


An open line of communication and quick resolution of problems is important to the Creede Early Learning Center. Parent or guardian grievances and concerns should be brought to the attention of the Directors. A meeting with the Directors will be scheduled to help come up with possible solutions. If an agreement can’t be made, the parent/guardian may then be encouraged to submit in writing the grievances to the Board of Directors. The Board will review the grievance at the next regular scheduled meeting and take appropriate action. The Board will not entertain rumor, gossip or hearsay as serious business.

Please review our Policy Book for more information.