The following pages are the policies and forms required by the Creede Early Learning Center. We are required by law to keep these forms on file at the CELC for each child in our care. Many of these forms contain information we need to better care for your child(ren). These forms need to be updated each year.

  • Child Care Policies
  • Registration Form
  • Child’s Medical Statement (must be signed by physician)
  • Emergency Authorization Form
  • Permission / Consent Form
  • Food Allergies / Dietary Needs Form
  • Financial Agreement
  • Immunization Form
  • Waiver of Liability Form

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Ages of Children Accepted

The Creede Early Learning Center is licensed for children ages 12 months (& walking) through 16 years. We have toddler rooms and a large preschool room. We also have ‘wrap around’ care for Pre-Kindergarten students in the afternoon.

Hours of Operation

The Center hours are 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday. We are additionally open on Fridays during certain months. Please contact us for more information.

CELC will be closed on the following holidays:
   New Year’s Day                                    Labor Day
   Thanksgiving Break                         Memorial Day          
   Christmas Break                        Independence Day


Full Day $35 ($32)
Full day for second child $29 ($26)
Half Day $22 ($19)
Half day for second child $18 ($15)
Preschool only 8;00-11:00 $18 ($15)
Wrap (6 hours) $28 ($25)
Wrap for second child $23 ($20)
The amounts in parenthesis are for those that qualify for tuition assistance, which is if the family has a CHP or Medicaid card.

Drop-In: $6.00/hour

We need to know your child’s attendance ahead of time in order to make appropriate arrangements for staff, snacks, and meals. You may contract the full number of days the Center is open, or choose which days work for you and your child(ren). You will be asked to indicate which days of the week your child will be coming via the monthly care calendar provided by the Directors.

Monthly calendars must be turned in on time to set your child’s schedule. Care Calendars are due on the 25th of the prior month. Tuition is due on the first of the month.

Please note: Should you need to bring your child extra days than specified on your care calendar, the fee is due upon pick up and will be charged at the drop-in rate of $5/hr.

For those who do not wish to contract specific day and times, the tuition is $5.00/hour. Payment for the day is needed at the time of pick up. No child can be ‘dropped off’ if there is an outstanding balance. There are no discounts available for non-contracted care. Drop in rate will also apply to unregistered children.

Please note: Scheduled children take priority over drop-in children when the Center is operating at capacity.

Multiple Child Discount

The Creede Early Learning Center will offer the following Discount for multiple children/siblings:
  20% off total monthly bill for second child
  30% off total monthly bill for third child

Enrollment Fee

The Yearly enrollment fee is $25.00 (non-refundable). The enrollment fee and first month tuition is due before the child begins attending the Center.

The fees you pay to the Center make up approximately 1/3 of what it actually costs to provide care for your child(ren). We welcome donations of snack food, toys, money, and your time.